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Burketown, QLD



All of Burke Shire Council Policies can be downloaded via the links below. Alternatively contact the Council on 47455100 to obtain a copy.


NameSizeFile Type 
ADM-POL-001 Administrative Action Complaints Policy676.12 KBPDF
ADM-POL-002 Hire Fee Waiver Policy646.95 KBPDF
ADM-POL-003 Computer and Telecommunications Policy676.86 KBPDF
ADM-POL-010 Advertising Expenditure Policy648.77 KBPDF
ADM-POL-011 Grants to Community Organisations Policy656.50 KBPDF
ADM-POL-012 Entertainment and Hospitality Expenditure Policy787.28 KBPDF
ADM-POL-013 Minors in the Library227.77 KBPDF
ADM-POL-017 Social Media Policy702.18 KBPDF
ADM-POL-019 Management of Historical and Heritage Items Policy648.78 KBPDF
ENG-POL-002 Road Network Policy1.02 MBPDF
FIN03 National Competition Policy31.38 KBPDF
FIN-CHA-001 Internal Audit Charter468.51 KBPDF
FIN-PLA-001 Internal Audit Plan 2016-17-18659.82 KBPDF
FIN-POL-001 Procurement Policy785.64 KBPDF
FIN-POL-004 Revenue Policy578.57 KBPDF
FIN-POL-005 Debt Policy550.01 KBPDF
FIN-POL-006 Rate and Debt Recovery Policy579.13 KBPDF
FIN-POL-006 Rate and Debt Recovery Policy579.13 KBPDF
FIN-POL-008 Investment Policy701.44 KBPDF
FIN-POL-009 Reduction of Water Consumption Charges Policy703.27 KBPDF
FIN-POL-010 Audit Committee Charter445.07 KBPDF
FIN-POL-012 Related Party Disclosure Policy749.47 KBPDF
FIN-POL-014 Adoption of Asset Disposal Policy404.81 KBPDF
FIN-POL-015 Budget Policy621.26 KBPDF
FIN-STA-007 Revenue Statement/a>744.92 KBPDF
FIN-STR-001 Asset and Services Management Strategy973.52 KBPDF
AGOV Burke Shire Council Community Engagement Strategy256.25 KBPDF
GOV-PLA-001 Fraud and Corruption Control Plan788.29 KBPDF
GOV-POL-001 Councilors Expenses Reimbursement Policy458.79 KBPDF
GOV-POL-002 Councilors Code of Conduct Policy435.77 KBPDF
GOV-POL-003 Enterprise Risk Management Policy778.65 KBPDF
GOV-POL-004 Fraud Policy609.80 KBPDF
GOV-POL-005 Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Policy692.01 KBPDF
GOV-POL-006 Internal Audit Committee Policy265.17 KBPDF
GOV-POL-007 Right to Information (RTI) Policy660.60 KBPDF
GOV-POL-008 Naming of Council-controlled Assets Policy556.78 KBPDF
GOV-POL-009 Acceptable Requests Guidelines Policy485.25 KBPDF
GOV-POL-010 Dealing with a Complaint involving the Chief Executive Officer 549.74 KBPDF
GOV-POL-011 Policy Framework Policy702.77 KBPDF
GOV-POL-012 - CCTV Policy593.34 KBPDF
GOV-POL-013 Investigation Policy622.34 KBPDF
GOV-PRO-001 Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Procedure267.68 KBPDF
HRM-POL-013 Councillor Remuneration Policy535.39 KBPDF
HRM-POL-018 Overtime Policy706.93 KBPDF
HRM-POL-020 Higher Duties Policy690.45 KBPDF
HOU-POL-001 Accommodation Policy886.90 KBPDF
WOR-POL-001 Use of Council Vehicles Policy678.31 KBPDF
WHS-POL-001 Workplace Health and Safety Policy493.47 KBPDF